About Us - The Closet Boutique

The Closet Boutique is a fabulous ladies shop located inside Banbury Fair.

Its owner is long time Bartlett resident, Martha Katselis. Currently Martha lives in Bartlett along with her husband, Ted and their 2 children, Kiki and Alex. Oh, and they also have a "wild" dog named Rex (wrecks), a adorable yellow lab that loves everyone to a fault.

The Closet Boutique is Martha's dream come true. "I have always enjoyed the fashion business. I was born into it. I worked many apparel trade shows and traveled to Italy and Greece with my eyes always on ladies fashions," says enthusiastic Martha. She is very connected to Italy. She was born there and still has a lot of family there (approx. 72 cousins). She especially longs to see her brother and his family who still live in Italy. 

Martha welcomes you to come, meet her, and see her collection of dresses, tops, skirts, capris, and shoes from all over the world.

211 Railroad Avenue, Bartlett, IL 60103 - (630) 837-1677 or (630) 837-1727
www.banburyfair.com - e-mail address - info@banburyfair.com